Asylum Watch Will Return To Action Soon…. Sort Of

It’s been a while since this humble observer of the asylum has done a post. Chalk it up to burn out. The last serious post at Asylum Watch was back on January 7 and had to do with falling oil prices and what that may mean in the long-term to the US and the world’s economies.

It is become almost impossible to find something to write about that isn’t a regurgitation of some previous post. That is tiresome for me and it must be tiresome for you, dear readers, as well.

I must admit that I have lost all interest in the Kabuki Theater that is Washington, D.C. I am totally disgusted with American politics. I have a hard time reading past the headlines anymore and I have lost all desire to write about it. However, this old man is still fascinated by the geopolitical maneuverings playing out around the globe and by the manipulations of the world economies by the central bankers.

So, this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in is not ready to shut up just yet. Posting will begin again in February; but with far less frequency and geopolitics and central banking will be the themes that will be covered. Until then… Cheers!




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12 thoughts on “Asylum Watch Will Return To Action Soon…. Sort Of

  1. I have been wondering why you haven’t been posting but I knew you were okay because you have still been making the rounds on the blogs. I chalked it up to burnout and now I know that is what it is. I know how you feel; I often feel as if I am repeating the same things over and over. Take all the time you need, we will be here when you get back.

  2. Frankly Jim I’m surprised that you and the other blogsiters-is that a word?- continue to carry on given the daily load of crap from the traitor in chief on down. We await your imminent return.

  3. Jim: I just read an article about how blogging is dropping off. It is simply not as popular as it once was. I am in the same boat. It is just not as much fun as it was at one time, but I do enjoy blogging. I have another blog about my hobby, and get enjoyment writing stuff there.

    Political blogging is hard to do. First of all, everybody is writing about the same stuff at the same time. Secondly, once you have read several blogs on the same subject, you just don’t care to read more of the same.

    I always try to present a different view point of the subject, but I get tired of reading and writing about the exploits of the most incompetent President in US history. My advice is to do whatever it is you feel good about doing. Don’t be too discouraged because your blog, or out blogs, have not exactly changed the world.

    Died in the wool liberals don’t seem to be checking in to get their daily round of abuse that us conservatives give them because they have run out of facts and arguments. Even Jersey Mac just says, “Screw you guys”. No critical thinking at all.

    So, write a piece weekly, or monthly, or give it up. By all means, though, do something that makes you feel good, happy, or just relaxes you. Freedom to write, or not to write is a blessed thing. Maybe the blog has run its course.

    Darn it!

  4. Just glad to hear you are OK. Starting to worry. There is a small dim light out ahead in 2016 and will try and slog on for the duration. Take care and look forward to your return.

  5. I guess I might say ‘join the club.’ Like. Bunker, I was getting a little concerned. As for writing, I think I suffer from the overload syndrome…too much rotten news to sort it out for clarity. Been in that mode since October actually. Stay well, friend. Thinking of you.

  6. I’m with you, Jim. You may have noticed I haven’t posted anything in so long that I’m not even sure I own my site anymore. It’s just exhausting and not fun. It also feels more and more like preaching to the choir, particularly since it is increasingly obvious that those on the left are absolutely un-pursuadeable. I look at the things my liberal (leftist/statist) friends post on Facebook (for example) and there is absolutely no substance, and rarely any truth, and yet there’s a chorus of hoorays in the comments. Often what is posted is a complete logical fallacy, particularly the fallacy of “false analogy”, which the left specializes in. For example, one post I saw recently was bashing Republicans for supporting Reagan, who sold arms to Iran in the Iran/contra scandal, while being against Obama when we accuse him of doing the same thing. You would look at what I just wrote and say, “Well, one was conventional weapons, the other is concern about a nuclear weapon… You can’t compare the two.” You’d be right. It drives me crazy to try to even interact with the brainwashed and unthinking. It’s frustrating.

    I’m spending my time working on being an entrepreneur. I may not be able to change the world, but I can take care of my son and the people I love, and contribute to society by creating a successful business. That is also frustrating, but it makes me happy and I don’t have to deal with leftists.

    I’m glad you’re OK, my friend. I’ll keep checking back. I may even find out if I still have a blog and post there now and then.

  7. Hey Jim,
    Know how you feel! I’ve been burnt out awhile now. Life has not left me time to blog- six kids with learning issues takes it out of you!

    I do hope to start blogging again, but not politics, but on that geopolitical angle where the real action is. Forgotten/buried history is another untappef fascinating place to dwell . One day, I’ll get back into the thick of it.

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