It’s The Economy, Stupid!

William “Slick Willy” Clinton rode that line all the way to the White House in the 1992 elections. It reduced American politics to its most essential ingredient, the economy. It’s almost always about the economy, isn’t it? Most Americans, even the low information members of our society, have an inherent sense of foreboding when the […]

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Producers vs. Non- producers

There are many trends in the economy of the United States and the rest of the developed economies that are very disturbing. Yesterday we talked about the increasing number of people on food stamps and that governments are encouraging more people to participate in the food stamp program. Since the financial collapse in 2008, there […]

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Tax the Rich Until They Bleed

And when there’s no more blood, what then? Obama and the liberals love their populist meme: Tax the rich because they are not paying their fair share. Obama and at least some liberals know that is not true but they continue to beat this drum. Why? Because it’s an easy sell. When people are hurting, they want […]

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