A Double Oops Moment, Al Qaeda Style

Does anyone know how to say Oops! in Arabic? Our good friend at the Always On Watch blog has a regular Saturday feature she calls Nimcompoopery. It is a compendium of links to some of the most stupid things reported or said in the news. Usually the links are related to politics in America. I think, […]

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12 Years of War for What?

We celebrated Veterans Day just two days ago. Today, after reading this story at Fox News, this old man’s heart aches and there are tears welling up in his eyes. How many of our brave young men and women died in the Afghan War and for what? Did the greatest military machine the world has […]

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9/11 _ Too Many Have Forgotten

Today is the twelfth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New york City and the Pentagon and a failed attempt on the White House. More than 3000 innocent people died that day. Today is also the one year anniversary of the terrorist attack […]

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Will the Arab Spring, now in Iraq, end up isolating Iran? Is that a good thing?

Will the Muslim world in the Middle East ever know peace? Not likely. The religion of peace founded by the profit Muhammad fractured upon his death in the year 632 when his followers could not agree on who should replace Muhammad as their leader. The majority believed the rightful heir was Muhammad’s father-in-law, Abu Bakr. […]

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