What Liberals and the Willfully Ignorant Could Learn from Fracking

Free Market Capitalism Works! There is no better recent example of how well free market capitalism works than the use of fracking and horizontal drilling to revolutionize oil and natural gas production. There is no better example of how centralized government planning fails than has been demonstrated by President Obama’s “green energy” policies (although ObamaCare […]

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Professor Obama Strikes Again

You have to hand it to Professor Barack Obama.  No one in recent times has demonstrated, with more clarity,  the failure of central planning when compared to free market capitalism than Barack Obama. He deserves some kind of award for his efforts. I’m thinking we could give him early retirement beginning in January 2013. Being a modest and […]

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An Analysis of the Liberal Mind-Set

Phillip Jerome Chesser, a contributor of articles to the Freedom Pub, in his essay “Sophormorism or Arrested Intellectual Development” he gives us his analysis of the liberal’s mind-set. How times have conservative bloggers, myself included, lamented that we can’t understand how the mind of a liberal works or how they can believe the things that they do. If […]

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