Herman Cain vs. Ron Paul

Most of you already know that I have decided to back Ron Paul for President. My reasoning is that I believe that the potential  for an economic meltdown is high and that Ron Paul is best equipped to deal with such an event. He understands better than any other candidate the fiscal and monetary issues that must […]

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We Need Leadership Now!!!

World economic news is all bad. The Dow Jones Industrial Adverage fell 280 points yesterday and other world markets fell as well. Moody cut Greece’s bond rating by three notches and Europe’s situation is weakening as the dollar shows gains. The big money managers are in a panic because they can’t see a good place to invest […]

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Tax the Rich Until They Bleed

And when there’s no more blood, what then? Obama and the liberals love their populist meme: Tax the rich because they are not paying their fair share. Obama and at least some liberals know that is not true but they continue to beat this drum. Why? Because it’s an easy sell. When people are hurting, they want […]

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Herman Cain on Corporate Taxes

Everybody is talking about the sky-rocketing national debt. Everyone is talking about the need to reduce spending and that is good. It should finally be obvious to the most casual observer that if we spend more than we take in that debt will continue to increase. The President will talk tonight about reforming entitlements and that […]

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