The Gordian Knot of Human Nature or Liberal Brain Knots?

A recent article in the Washington Post attempted to explain the difference between liberals and conservatives/libertarians. The article is not linked because it really is of little merit. The author merely explains, without being strident, that liberals are open-minded and open to change while conservatives/libertarians are closed-minded and not open to change. Is there truth in what she […]

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Liberals Believe In Capitalism

Did you know that liberals believe in capitalism; that they consider themselves capitalist? I have been laboring for many years under the misconception that liberals believed in anything but capitalism. You can imagine my shock when I learned yesterday that I have been wrong all these years. Yesterday, as I do most days, I stopped by […]

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Tax the Rich Until They Bleed

And when there’s no more blood, what then? Obama and the liberals love their populist meme: Tax the rich because they are not paying their fair share. Obama and at least some liberals know that is not true but they continue to beat this drum. Why? Because it’s an easy sell. When people are hurting, they want […]

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The Universal Law of the 7 P’s

When I was a student of engineering a long time ago, we were required to learn a lot of useless things. Things like Schroedinger (I sure I miss spelled his name but I don’t really care.) equations for black box radiation in a course of chemical thermodynamics. I passed the final exam and never again had a reason […]

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