Whoever Said “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” Was Wrong!

Remember a while back when Nancy Pelosi famously said something to the effect that putting more people on food stamps and extending unemployment benefits was the best way stimulate the economy and create jobs? Remember how we conservatives made fun of her? Well, Republican Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, wasn’t laughing at Nancy. He’s decided […]

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Debt Crisis? What Debt Crisis?

Jamelle Bouie  is a “writing fellow” at the monthly magazine The American Prospect, which describes itself as covering politics, culture, and policy from a liberal perspective. In this recent article, Mr. Bouie lets the liberal drivel spew out of control. The subject of Mr. Bouie’s diatribe was a recent meeting at the National Press Club […]

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The Childish Left

Are there any adults in the Democrat Party? Or, do they behave like children because that is how they see the majority of American voters? Cindy Simpson’s article at American Thinker today implies that the latter is the case. She is focused on Obama’s use of the “Fairness Card”. In  the game of Obama politics, […]

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