Doomed by Debt

July 21, 2014


Unfortunately for the romantics out there, it is not love that makes the world go around. It’s money that makes the world go around, right? Well, if you think of money as those units of currency you carry in your wallet or pocket, then no it’s not actual money. Actual money (currency) is in relatively […]

Danusha V. Goska Has Seen The Light. The Light Is On The Right.

July 20, 2014


Danusha V. Goska, PhD, is a writer and teacher living in New Jersey. She was a life-long leftist activist. Please read her post today at American Thinker titled Ten Reasons I Am No Longer A Leftist. Then send a copy to every leftist you know.

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“Calling Mr. Yellen” an essay by Brian

July 19, 2014


Brian of the Frankenstein Government blog brings us today’s Guest Saturday post. He originally published this essay on July 10, 2014. *********** Calling Mr. Yellen   The fundamentals of project management provide that any project manager worth a shit- is far too intelligent to take over a half completed project that is already vastly over […]

The State of the Union according to Ol’ Remus

July 18, 2014


 The Doug Ross @ Journal frequently features a segment called Larwyn’s Linx, which is a list of article links that he thinks his readers may be interested in reading. The other day I clicked on one of the links and it took me a site called Woodpile Report. I’m so glad I did. Woodpile Report is […]

Reserve Currencies Come and Reserve Currencies Go. The Dollar Too Will Go!

July 17, 2014


Reserve currencies don’t remain reserve currencies forever. This fact is clearly demonstrated by this graph attributed to J. P. Morgan, which,  I snagged from the Global Economic Warfare blog.     The so-called developed nations agreed in 1971 that the U.S. Dollar would become the primary reserve currency and most world commerce, as a result, […]

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Another Picture Worth A Thousand Words and Another MSNBC Idiot Speaks Out

July 14, 2014


A Cartoon Worth A Thousand Of My Words Your humble observer of the asylum we all to live in was about 600 words into a post this morning and was frustrated at how the post was coming together. I took a break and decided to visit some other sites. Scrolling down through the latest posts […]

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