You Know America Is In Trouble When You Have To Depend On The Likes Of Google And Apple To Protect Your Freedoms

October 18, 2014


The march toward an Orwellian police state is picking up speed. From NSA spying, to Swat Teams swarming a company’s offices because they may or may not be using appropriate accounting practices, to the EPA ordering a family to tear down their house because it was built where mud puddles sometimes for making it a […]

Ebola Out Of Control In West Africa And America Is Relying On The Clowns For Disease Control (CDC) To Keep Ebola In-Check Here

October 17, 2014


One gets the impression from listening to our fearless leaders that Americans are over-reacting to the perceived threat of Ebola in America. Asylum Watch does not believe the average American is overly worried about coming into contact with someone infected with Ebola as much as they are worried the government agencies responsible for protecting Americans […]

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42% Of Americans Are Brain-Dead _ Or Is It 52%?

October 16, 2014


I say they  are brain dead because, try as I may, I can’t come up with a better explication of why President Obama’s approval rating, in spite of his narrative coming unraveled everywhere you turn, is stuck rock solid at 42%. I can’t tell you how many times over the last several months I’ve read […]

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The Obama Administration’s Muslim Connections Run Deep

October 15, 2014


When is treason treason? When is it not? The answer to the first question is when it is committed by you or by me. The answer to the second question is when it is committed by Barack Obama. It’s common knowledge that President Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, was born in Iran and that former […]

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Government’s Misplaced Priorities and The Price You Continue To Pay

October 14, 2014


Our government extorts taxes from us whether we like it or not. They have the power and they know how to use it. They then set the priorities on how to spend your money. You have no say in the matter unless; that is, you think your ballot box decision are the final word. How’s […]

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The Chaos In Syria and Iraq Makes Sense If You Think Oil

October 12, 2014


Oil ( energy, including natural gas) is the lubricant that makes the world go around. Most wars, in recent history, have had, as one of several motivations, keeping the that lubricant flowing and making sure that control of the flow stays in friendly hands. For those willing to see, there is a plan behind the […]


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