“Government’s Job Description” an essay by Brian

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Brian of the Frankenstein Government blog where it was originally published on July 18, 2012.


Government’s Job Description

What is the U.S. government’s job description?

If you ask most people that basic question- they simply can’t answer it. The reason is- they’ve either never given it any thought or their politics have been jaded by party platforms. So the question is simple.

Would any of you perform a job without knowing the description of that job? Of course not- in fact it is that very description of any job that draws you to a given field of study or subsequent occupation.

One other point. The job description is non negotiable. It may tweak slightly over time but it’s core functions never deviate and they should never be manipulated into inefficiency.

The purpose of our government, originally a democratic republic, was the safety and protection of the vast majority of it’s citizens. Not individuals. That was the job description. That’s it.

In case you dispute what we were intended to be- I have included this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form_of_government#Forms_of_government

What I include as acceptable parts of our government’s job description are things like defense, food and product safety, drug safety, regulating agencies like the FCC and the FAA, law enforcement agencies like ICE and the CIA. The judicial system and the penal system.

So what I am going to do now is throw out a number of government owned and tax payer funded things that don’t have a thing to do with the safety and health of American citizens. In other words, government has absolutely no business in:

Home loans, mortgages, and lending. Fannie and Freddie. Whether an individual buys a home or not does not have a damn thing to do with the overall protection  and safety of citizens.

The same holds true for student loans, grants, and Sallie Mae.

The same holds true for any area of commerce that government subsidizes. If it can’t swim on it’s own- it should be left to drown. That simple. I don’t care whether we are talking dairy or wool growers.

The same is true for health care and insurance. That includes medicare and medicaid. Government had no business ever supplying individual health care. The needs of the majority cannot be overrun or placed beneath the needs of the individual. That’s not a democracy.

The same is true for social security. Had government not stepped in- people would have found ways to be self supporting. Once government steps in- they skew the picture so badly that today- people who have been paying into social security cannot imagine a future with out it. They are held hostage by a government that has no problem seizing their money and they would like it back. Like they were promised.

So about the time our government begins to bail out failed banks and failed automakers- we begin to ask why? What does that have to do with the health and safety of the millions of people who pay taxes. And the answer to that is- not a f—ing thing. Politicians hijack our tax money and give it to their crony bankers who fund their campaigns. They steal our tax money and deliver it to democratic voting blocks of unionized workers. The needs of the many are constantly undermined by selfish interests that think nothing of stealing money and delivering it to the few. Think TARP.

For many years, that has been the filter I use when assessing what government does. If the only filter ever used was- does this agency, let’s say the Department of Energy, benefit the vast majority? Has this agency performed any mission other than sucking billions each year and providing no benefit? Has it reduced our dependence on foreign oil which was it’s primary mission? What does the D.O.E. have to do with the health and safety of the citizens? The answer is- nothing. The D.O.E. fails every test I can think of. Yet there it is, sucking billions annually. I think the same of the Dept of Education and quite a few other agencies who also fail the same simple litmus test.

Does this benefit the majority of citizens or is it a gift from a crony President. Think Solyndra.

You have to have a position to defend it. Very often when I hear some lefty swinging for the fences, I ask him what is the government’s job description. This usually leaves the lefts drooling because they have no idea what that is. I am talking educated, masters degree type folks. Clueless. In the years ahead as we all go bankrupt- people are going to look back and see these mistakes for what they were.

Maybe in the new government- they will see the benefit of assigning a job description and adhering to it.

2 thoughts on ““Government’s Job Description” an essay by Brian

  1. A lot of the things you describe as being the ultimate government sin, or boondoggle, probably sounded good to a lot of people when they were proposed. Was there anyone that could have envisioned the corrupt nature of Fannie and Freddie? Was there anyone that forecast the tremendous, off-the-charts inflationary effect of student loans and grants on our education system?

    I don’t have a clue what the Department of Education does, nor do I understand the Depertment of Energy. I thought the Energy folks were supposed to do research on nuclear power and stuff like that. I wonder if I can Google their charter?

    There were probably a good many people who could see the failure of these programs, but nobody listened.

    Now that we know what we have, what can we do about it?

  2. We need the wholesale elimination of government agencies that are unconstitutional or redundant in what the states provide on their own. And then we need serious disccusions about downsizing agencies that are so big, so powerful that they are almost a country unto themselves, such as DHS. It’s a shame that alot of this was discussed during hte Republican primaries (but not by Romney). I don’t know that we will ever be a government of the people again.

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