Asylum Watch is back…. Sort of

The last ten days or so have been crazy. My computer was barely responding and I was convinced that the hard drive was going bad and I was sure that I was going to have to buy a new computer. Our eldest son kept telling me to wait because he knew a technician that could probably fix it. Unfortunately, the technician was busy until yesterday. It turned out that what I thought was a hard drive problem was in fact viruses. It took him several hours to locate and remove the viruses. One virus, if I recall correctly, was called Trojan Steefl C, which was designed, among other things, to prevent the installation of anti-virus software. Once he removed five viruses, he down loaded “Microsoft Security Essentials” to provide constant anti-virus protection.

The computer is now working like new, again. However, I’m still a slave to an inferior internet signal, which comes and goes (mostly goes). The internet provider is owned by the State, so complaining about the service is a waste of time. Please understand that posting and visits my favorite bloggers will continue to be erratic.

Please read the excellent post today by Brian of the Frankenstein Government blog.

A special thanks to all of you who showed concern over my unexplained absence. You’re the greatest!










11 thoughts on “Asylum Watch is back…. Sort of

  1. I had a virus once that was Norton anti virus. I’ve had the essentials for a long time, and they work great. I downloaded PCmatic last year, and it took my daughter a long time to get rid of it. They keep trying to get me back, but I just ignore their ‘warning’s. Shoot, the last one they sent was only $1 instead of the $79 ‘special’. Our internet is private, and works for the most part, but sometimes it is on and off without reason. Before we know it, Russia will own all the internet, and probably the USA. If not them, China, and then we’ll all be in a pickle! I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Big bummer. Viruses, huh? Ya gotta steer clear of all those nefarious girly web sites you visit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad you are recovered and more or less operational again.

  3. I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials for about two years, now. My wife’s laptop had something else, and it got viruses. MS has done a good deed. I am now a Microsoft supporter, and am glad for them to update my security and software weekly.

    Welcome back, Jim. Hope things are well.

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