Benghazigate, The Election, and A New Beginning

Posted on November 9, 2012


Will the Benghazi tragedy be swept under the rug now that the elections are over? Of course it will.. Oh, there will be hearings in the House and the Senate. Rep. Darrel Issa and Sen. John McCain will make sure of that. Only Fox News will report on the hearings. The only thing the rest of the media will have to say is that it is nothing more than sour grapes on the part of the Republicans because Obama won.  But, there will be hearings. Witnesses will be called to testify. They will lawyer up and be told to shut up. I doubt we will learn anything that we don’t already know.

I was very disturbed this morning to see a Yahoo News story that Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton had paid tribute to our fallen Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens. These people have no shame! Let’s look at some of her comments:

 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton paid tribute Thursday to slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, calling him a “fallen hero” who understood that diplomacy requires taking risks.

Yes, Madam Secretary. That is why Ambassador Stevens repeatedly asked for more security, which he didn’t get.

Stevens “understood that there is no substitute for going beyond the embassy walls, building relationships, and finding common ground,” she said. “We will never prevent every act of terrorism or achieve perfect security. And our diplomats cannot work in bunkers and do their jobs. We must accept a level of risk to protect this country we love and to advance our interests and values around the world.”

Right, madam Secretary. The Ambassador didn’t need to go beyond the embassy walls because the terrorist had an easy time breaking through the Embassy walls. There was practically no resistance because you didn’t provide anyone who could give resistance. You, Madam Secretary are pathetic!

So, the elections are over. Obama won and we lost. There are lessons WE must take away from this election. One lesson is that the Republican party is not what in many parts of the world is called the OPPOSITION. They are not the opposition. We are. The virtuous conservative and libertarian Americans are the opposition. We have no party that represents us. Yes, there are some small third parties; but, it would take years for a viable third party to be in a position to challenge the two-party system. We don’t have years!  The second lesson we must take away from this election is that Obama won because the combined forces of the anti-Obama voters and the pro-Romney voters did not show up in sufficient numbers to defeat Obama. Obama garnered millions fewer votes on Tuesday than he did in 2008. But Romney barely garnered the same as John McCain in 2008. That is the sad truth. What happened to our so-called enthusiasm gap advantage? All of the various reason for why so many of the opposition did not vote no longer matter, in my opinion. America will continue down the path of decline in every sense of that word.

So, where do WE THE OPPOSTION go from here? On Wednesday, John Carey of the great Sentry Journal blog posted a Bill Whittle video called A New Beginning.  This video is unlike any Bill Whittle video you have ever watched. It is not a typical professionally made Bill Whittle video. Bill made this video within hours of learning that Obama had won reelection. The video is 90 minutes long and  you will see an out of character Bill Whittle rambling a great deal he is obviously distraught by the election results. But, he felt compelled to address WE THE OPPOSITION (my words not his) to let us know that in his opinion there will be a new beginning. Watching this video is painful and emotional and yet interesting. I think it would be worthwhile for you to find time to sit through it.

What is the new beginning Whittle is talking about? Allow me to try to summarize it. This is not something Whittle came up with on the spur of the moment when he realized we had lost the election. It is clearly something he has thought about for some time. Whittle spends a lot of time explaining the how  Non-Virtuous Americans now out number the Virtuous Americans. He says that it is now evident that the all-powerful central government is now solidly in the hands of the Non-Virtuos Americans and we need to accept that. Whittle believes it is time to stop fighting them, to stop fighting the political battles. He says we can not win. After much rambling we learn that his solution, his New Beginning, is that the Virtuous Americans should just ignore the government and the Non-Virtuous Americans. We should religiously obey the laws and pay our taxes in full. He explains that we must pay our taxes and forget about them. We have no choice but to pay them. We must learn to live on our after tax income. The other thing he eventually explains is really important.  He tells us that the bureaucratic, top down, all-powerful central governments are a product of the industrial revolution. He says they are a natural result of the industrial revolution. However, he explains, we have been living in the information revolution for some time now and the top down central government will eventually have to give way to the new reality of a horizontal information age, which requires a more decentralized approach.

Some time ago, Whittle bought an internet domain called Common Sense Resistance. He wants to make this site available to the Virtuous Americans to create profit making parallel institutions to those in government that serve no good. he gives two examples. One that he is personally aligned with and that is a private equivalent of NASA. If enough Virtuous people want to have a space program it could be bone by them contributing ten dollars a month of their after tax income to this parallel entity. Another example would be to create a parallel education system. Again, those that want a better education system for their children cab have one by contributing ten dollars a month to a parallel system. Whittle, of course, goes into much more detail than I have been able to here. sp, what is his bottom line? What does he see happening in the years to come?

Whittle believes that our big central government and the others will in time collapse and burn under their own weight. At that time, he says that the Non-Virtuous people will look around and see that the Virtuous people are doing much better than they are. The non-Virtuous people will want to give up their bed ways and join the Virtuous people.. Thusly the new horizontal information age world will grow and prosper.

So, what does this humble old man think? I think Bill Whittle is a brilliant young man. I have liked him for a long time. I think many of  the things he talked about will come to pass and they will be successful. However, I think Bill Whittle has overlooked something very serious. I agree with him the our big central government along the others in the world will indeed collapse. But, I believe the thing that will collapse them is that the fiat monetary  systems that support them is what will collapse. The parallel world that Whittle talks about depends on this same monetary system and will collapse along with the central government.

What do I see in my crystal ball? I promise you that you will not like what I see. I pray to God that I am wrong!  My opinion about who runs this world we live in had not changed for many years. I believe the world is run by The Powers That Be or, as some call them, the Banksters or , as I now like to call them, The Power Brokers. They have run the world for at least a couple of centuries and maybe much longer. I believe they will continue to run the world. The Power brokers know that their fiat monetary system is reaching the end of its usefulness. I belive they  are planning a major war in the Middle-East. One of their puppets, Barack Obama, has already laid the ground work. The war will in effect be choreographed. I assume they have agreed not to use nuclear weapons. I hope I am right about that! Many people will die in this war. Mostly it will be Arab people. But, many Americans, Europeans, Russians and Chinese will also die. When the Power Brokers have squeezed all the wealth they think they can out of this war, they will end it and divide up the Middle-East resources and a new multipolar world order will emerge. At some point, all the bankrupt nations will monetize their debts. Some kind of new monetary system will be put in place.

Once this new world order is in place and wealth generation begins again, that, my friends, when I believe the idea of Bill Whittle may become the salvation of WE THE OPPOSITION. The question we must face is how do we survive between now and then. I have no idea how long this dark and dangerous period will last. This much is clear to me. WE THE OPPOSITION are going to need each other more than ever before. We are going to need better ways to network with each other. It will be important to have better ways to keep all of the OPPoSITION informed. We will need to know what is happening and where it is happening. We will need to know who needs what where. We will need to know who has what where. In short we will have to help each other survive this dark and dangerous period. The resistance must continue!

I apologize, dear friends, for the length of this post. I had to get those things off my chest. I hope you will find time to listen to the very strange video by Bill Whittle. I believe there is some important food for thought in his ideas.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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