Should Republicans Make a Preemptive Strike?

“Can GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt talk President Obama into a major corporate tax cut?” Lawrence Kudlow, writing for Rasmussen Reports, wants to know. As Kudlow says

Immelt has been appointed to the new Council on Jobs and
Competitiveness, which replaces the disbanded Paul Volcker Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Immelt was a member of that original board. Now he has a more elevated position in the Obama 2.0, allegedly pro-business move-to-the-center Clintonesque White House.

Kudlow admits that nothing Immelt has said to date could be characterized as a ringing endorsement for lowering corporate taxes; but he none the less believes his ex-boss will push this idea.

Anyone who has followed Conservatives On Fire for a while knows that I have called over and over again for the slashing of corporate taxes as a way to get our economy growing and to produce jobs. So you can believe I was salivating as Kudlow outlined what he hopes Immelt will be recommending to Obama. (Please read his article)

But my euphoria was short-lived. It dawned on me that strategically, if Obama/Immelt were to follow Kudlow’s recommendation and the projected results for the economy were realized, it would be very difficult to beat Obama in 2012. If Obama can claim credit for a surging economy and a significant reduction in the unemployment figures, that would almost guarantee his reelection.

Obama has recently indicated his interest making a Clinton like move to the center and naming his crony friend, Immmelt, to the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness may be a sign of his intentions. Therefore, I would recommend that the Republicans make a preemptive strike with their own bill to reduce corporate taxes before a recommendation comes down from Obama.

If the Republicans produce a tax reform bill and Obama pushes the Democrats to sign-on, he will still claim credit for all positive results, as he should but, at least, the Republicans can claim it was their bill. On the other hand, if the Democrats are the ones to introduce such a bill and it is the Republicans that have to sign-on, well we can kiss our chances of winning the White House in 2012 good-bye..

 That’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

21 thoughts on “Should Republicans Make a Preemptive Strike?

  1. My hunch is that we have a looming energy crisis at hand. Once we have gas lines, that will be it for him. The economy cannot recover with $5.00 gas in IMHO. I have had the same concerns as you, but to date, his minions are still moving forward in regards to regulations. Britian is planning on energy rationing. Wait till that hits here for those who live past the beltway where they have no mass transit. Food prices are soaring, inflation will soon as well. Keep the faith. Let the hearings begin and the word gets out past the bloggers.

    1. It seems that we have always needed 2X4’s. We don’t like learning from history. On the other hand, we usually do the right thing once the 2×4 hits.

  2. Beat him to the punch, I like that. But he will claim that this was an example of himself being willing to work in a bipartisan manner; he will claim victory no matter which side introduces the bill.

  3. I have no problem with the Republicans trying to beat Obama to the draw on this, but as the other commenters have said, Obama will surely take the credit, no matter where it comes from.

  4. Gee whiz…this conversation sounds like “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Here’s the deal. The Immelt appointment is cronie crapitalism. It stinks to high heaven. If anything good happens, Obama will take credit for it..or try to. There are only two major media figures telling the truth, Limbaugh and Beck. The problem is the public is not connecting the dots because the rest of the media is covering for him.

    So …what to do? I think Bunkerville may be right on the gas prices hurting him. I also think the health care hits start hurting businesses and that will hurt him. I think all of us have to keep speaking up. Even more. We are having to do what the media refuses to do. I hate to say it, but I honestly think we need things to get worse …the 2X4 effect….for people to actually see the results of having this radical revolutionary marxist in the White House. We have to make sure people know who is doing what on both sides.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the Kabuki Theater tomorrow evening. Take some anti-nausea pills before you watch it though. And pray that Paul Ryan pulls off a stunner of a rebuttal!

    1. A great comment, Cheryl. Thanks. I agree that the things you and Bunkerville say are going to happen will indeed happen. To me that much is a given. I suspect, however, that Obami’s people also know those things are going to happen. So, Obama needs to do something dramatic to goose the economy if he wants to get reelected. All I’m saying is that the Republicans ought to preempt him. having said that, the consensus is that 2x4s are a necessary evil; So bring-on the 2x4s and let’s get it over with!

  5. Since Obambi has always painted the corporations as the bad guys, I don’t see how he can suddenly sign on to lowering their taxes. The loony left would have a cow.

    But whatever happens, he will take credit for the good and Sarah Palin and Bush will be blamed for the bad.

    OT but I wanted to thank you for the link you left on Sentry Journal today (re: nullification.) I linked it in my post with a h/t to you and I made your blog the “blog of the day” which in my ADD world will more likely be at least a week. 😉

    1. Hi, Adrienne. Thanks for dropping-by and thanks for the hat tip. That Plubius-Huldah is a speacial lady. We could use a few Supreme Court Justices like her. Come back any time; your comments will always be welcome.

  6. I fully expect that trillion bucks to be liberated and re-patriated to our shores and of course Obama will take the credit. That’s why there is talk of actual prosecutions of thieving bankers…it’s all part of the re-election gear getting warmed up.

    Hey Jim, if you loved the Obamacare piece…you are really gonna love this one. Geezus, I expect men in suits to ask for my guns, any day now.

  7. I doubt very much that obama can make a clinton-like move to the centre, he just ain’t that kind of liberal, he’s the white carter, a loony liberal.

    None the less it should never stop the republicans from pushing for tax cuts, if the democrats crap all over it and veto it, it’ll remind the electorate where everyone stands.

    1. Don’t forget that he is above all an Alinskyite. He will do whatever must be done to survive so that can re-initiate his programs at a latter date. I wholeheartedly agree that the Republicans should move forward with tax reform.

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