Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicle

The following article was originally published by Cheryl Pass at My Tea Party Chronicle on Saturday, July 2, 2011. 



Bill Gates is shooting for ZERO CO2.

Well then, I guess, if we are shooting for zero CO2 production, some people better stop breathing. Hmmmmm… I wonder who Mr. Gates would like to eliminate? Mr. Philanthropist Gates is so kind and benevolent, I wonder just what vaccines and health care Mr. Gates is proposing. Don’t you?

So, for all of you who think CO2 is some huge problem for the planet, here are some facts from some real science sites: Death Wishes
“The only way CO2 warming could be dangerous is if it were dramatically amplified by water vapor feedback effects, in which case our climate would be radically unstable and sneezing would be dangerous. In other words, the only way CO2 is dangerous is if EVERYTHING is dangerous, and there is no evidence for such instability.”

Climate Nutshell
“The anthropogenic CO2 based theory is based strictly on computer models – the empirical data do not support it.”
“Global warming alarmism has taken over. As Richard Lindzen (Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT) said [Ref.32]: “It isn’t just that the alarmists are trumpeting model results that we know must be wrong. It is that they are trumpeting catastrophes that couldn’t happen even if the models were right

Just go here and read, read, read!!
For heaven’s sake, READ SOME MORE!!
KEEP READING if you are still breathing

So, why is Bill Gates, who presumably is a very smart man, out there telling an audience that CO2 must be brought to zero?? Exactly what do you think Mr. Gates is up to? What would motivate a billionaire philanthropist to propagate stupidity and/or lies to the masses? Do you suppose he regrets his business of spreading intelligence through the internet? I mean, if people can access the internet and find out that CO2 is not a harmful greenhouse gas, maybe he is using his bully pulpit for some other goal? Maybe spreading access to intelligence is coming back to bite him? Maybe he doesn’t need a billion more customers because he is already richer than God. Maybe Mr. Gates has a sinister streak that isn’t part of his usual public relations personna? Maybe??

Beware of moguls bearing gifts. Magi, maybe O.K. Moguls, not so much.

Hat tip to Anthony Watts!
And to Climate Depot and Junk Science!! And Climate Nutshell!!!

8 thoughts on “Guest Saturday with My Tea Party Chronicle

  1. This is the very reason that I fear so called “really smart” people. Most of the really smart people I have known, have no common sense and are so sure that they are right on everything that they are shocked to find out that they are not! I wrote a post on CO2 early in the year and had someone try over and over to tell me how deadly it was. I finally asked them if they realized that CO2 was what plants took in and turned into Oxygen and that CO2 was what we breathed out. They never responded!

  2. Bill Gates just happened to be in the right place at the right time. In no way could he be considered a “deep thinker” otherwise he wouldn’t be a flaming liberal. As my husband always says, “Liberals are people who haven’t thought things through.” Viola – Bill Gates = Not smart.

    In today’ culture we tend to equate money with being smart. Anyone who has thought through that statement would know it just isn’t so…

  3. As Thomas Sowell points out in “Intellectuals and Society”, public intellectuals are often found spouting off about something outside of their competence. Bill Gates’ competence is selling software, maybe even writing it, but here he is beating the CO2 drum. I’d rather he went closer to his competence and explained WHY the computer models do not match real world observations and perhaps did some programming to fix the models.

  4. Just a little conjecture on my part. What if Gates supports this crazy plan because that is what the UN and some very powerful OWO types like Soros want . Maybe because of who he is he believes he will have a seat at the OWO table. Just a thought…

    1. Unfortunately, Jim…I think your statement here is probably the crux of the matter. If you sit at that table of power and have all the world’s resources available to you…you know you will never be without. So the audacity of this man suggesting that the rest of us do without is just beyond the pale. I don’t know who those folks were in the audience, but they should have booed him off the stage. I hope none of them walked out of there thinking Bill Gates should be telling them how to deliver us from our own breath.

      Thanks for posting the video. Because the video doesn’t lie.

      Yes, John…below here.. These folks should shut down their own carbon footprint to zero.

  5. How someone could go through life and not know that all animal life creates CO2 through respiration?
    Oh, I forgot. He went to Harvard!
    I would say that the credentialed, uneducated elite strikes again, but he didn’t even bother to stick around and get a diploma. So, reasonably bright in his own realm, but uneducated and dumb as snot in every other area of life.
    My we suggest that he begin implementing his nutty plan by holding his own breath?

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