Pick on Obama Day

It has been a long and frustrating week and it is still not over. Our boys and girls in Washington have been playing unsupervised all week and they are not ready to quit just yet. And where has our fearless leader been. Leading from way behind is the kindest thing I can say.  Suspecting that most of you are also frustrated with the lack of leadership from our President, I’m dedicating todays post to picking on Obama.  We deserve to blow off a little steam, don’t you think?

Since I have been blogging I’ve seen some very talented writers rip into Mr. Obama without mercy. But, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone do it any better than consulting editor for American Thinker, J. R. Dunn, did yesterday. I think you will enjoy reading his article. Then thanks to Bob Mack at the Be Sure Your RIGHT, Then Go Ahead blog I have a video that you must see.

So, after reading the article and watching the video, please go to the comment section blow off your own steam and let me know what you of Mr. Obama’s leadership. maybe we will all feel a little bit better afterwards. Have a great weekend, everybody!

24 thoughts on “Pick on Obama Day

  1. There is a big difference between leading and dictating. Mr. Obama is incapable of leading and has no leadership skills. Leaders inspire, Mr. Obama bullies, mocks and derides. Leaders are in front of problems, Mr. Obama waits until someone else comes up with a solution or answer and then decides which side to jump on. Leaders understand and share their followers, Mr. Obama has no understanding of the people he claims to lead.

      1. My fear is that Obama will be re-elected because he is perceived as the lesser two evils by the general population. 😦

        Sadly, I do not think that any of the current crop of Republican candidates can unseat Obama.

        I believe, however, if Texas Gov. Rick Perry gets in the race he has the best chance of beating Obama,creating jobs and getting this country back on a more solid fiscal footing.

        He has been doing it in Texas for 10 years and he can do it for the country.

      2. There is a lot I like about Perry and a lot I don’t like. I’ll have to wait and see if he has any concrete proposals to reduce spending and to grow the economy. But don’t forget that this next election cycle is about much more than the Presidency. Conservatives (not Republicans) must take over the whole of government if the country is to have a chance of surviving.

      3. I agree about winning more than the Presidency.

        Depending on the economy and how disgusted voters are with liberal policies, conservatives could have a good chance to win the Senate since there are so many Senators up for re-election.

        Regarding Perry…
        In 10 years as governor, Rick Perry of Texas directed the strongest state economy in the country. Fully half of all the new jobs created in the entire United States over the last decade were created in Texas under Perry’s leadership.

        Here is more to like about Perry…
        As Governor, Perry refused to take $555 million in “stimulus” package unemployment funding because it required Texas to expand its unemployment benefits program. Perry also refused to compete for $700 million in “stimulus” education grants because he felt it smacked of a federal takeover of public education.

        Ya gotta like a guy who thinks like that. 🙂

        Texans are a self-reliant, independent thinking bunch of folks. More power to them.

      4. I know and accept that we will not find the “perfect” candidate. Perry’s record in Texas is very commendable. I’m a little suspicious of politicians that have changed party in recent years. His support for the NAFTA highway bothers me and I’m not sure where he stands on the issue of illegal immigrants. He wanted to be governor of a conservative state and suddenly he is a conservative. Maybe he truly saw the light; I just don’t know. Rumors have circulated for some time that if he enters the race that Sarah Palin will throw her support behind him. If that’s true, he will be our Candidate without doubt. It would be entertaining to see a Perry/Obama debate.

  2. John McCain was too polite in his debates with Barack Obama and, of course, the fawning press did not ask the tough questions of a relatively unknown for most of us. As a community organizer Barack Obama had to be familiar with the bible of community organizers, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, McCain could have asked how much does Obama agree with the “Rules” such as belittling and ridiculing your opponent and disrupting and interrupting answers. The leftist radical professors, Cloward and Piven were at Columbia while Obama was there. He must have been aware of their theories such as bankrupting capitalism so that socialism could replace it. McCain could have asked Obama about his thoughts on these theories. After all, he admitted that he preferred the company of leftist and socialist professors and students.

    Asking questions such as these would have given voters the measure of Obama as a candidate most of us did not know. We could not depend on the press to ask these questions which would have been helpful and instructive for the American voters.

    Let’s hope that questions such as these are asked in the next presidential debate.

    1. Roger, thank you for coming by and taking the time to share your views. i hope you will come back often and join in the conversation.

      Your analysis of Obama is spot on, in my opinion. McCain was chosen by the Republican establishment to be our candidate. We can not let them do that in the future. Hopefully the Tea Parties will gain in influence and “We The People” will chose our candidates in the future. As for the media doing their job to vet all candidates of both parties, I am not hopeful. Thankfully, we now have the alternative of the Internet where bloggers of every persuasion can provide the information the people need to know in order to make informed decisions.

  3. Our Dear leader, the adult in the room, the smartest man EVAH, has no idea how to lead. All his life he’s had stuff handed to him because he’s a child of the entitlement ’60s.

    All King Obama can do is whine that the big bad Republicans are being mean to him.

  4. The article is great. Too bad we can’t see the video. Does he go to prison in it? I rather think that after 2012 he will do what disgraced monarchs in England always did when forced to abdicate–escape to France. They love Jerry Lewis and clowns in general, so he should find a home there.

  5. obama is a discrase! He needs to be voted out right now, when the time comes we need to get him out!! he is ruining our lives and our childrens lives! what a lieing thief! what he does is totally out of everyones leage, and every one of his words that comes outta his mouth is a lie!!! i hate him!!

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