When the Candyman’s Candy Bag Is Empty

Do you remember what it was like as a kid when your parents took you to see a parade? Yeah, I do. It was great. Especially when the clown passed by throwing handfuls of candy from his candy bag into the crowds and we kids would scramble to get as many pieces of candy as we could. We sure did love that clown.

Now imagine that you and a lot of other kids are watching the parade and as you look up the street you can see the clown tossing candy into the crowd. The excitement builds. Hmmm, you can already taste the candy. But, when the clown reaches your part of the street, the candy bag is empty. There is no candy for and the other kids around you. What happens? Well, the kids are not happy. They may cry or have a temper tantrum or worse. And the clown? Well the  clown goes into a state of panic. He’s looking everywhere for more candy to throw to his loving fans. He knows that if he can’t come up with more candy the children are not going to love any more.

And that is the situation we have today. We all witnessed the other day when our own candyman clown address the joint session of Congress. The candyman clown’s candy bag is empty he wants you to fill it up again. Our candyman clown loves to be able to throw candy to the children who are depending on him. Our candyman clown knows that he is really not all that funny and the only reason the kids adore him is the candy. So he is desperate to find more candy. Here is a video that puts our candyman clown in perspective:

President Obama’s all new and improved American Jobs Act is just an empty bag and he wants Congress to fill it up again at your expense.  Michael Barone writing for Real Clear Politics says of Obama:

Obama is like the guy in the bar who says, “I’ll stand drinks for everyone in the house,” and then adds, “Those guys over there are going to pay for them.”

Barone has some interesting observations about Obama’s speech the other night and each observation starts with the letter “P”: Projection, Pragmatism, Paid for, Pathetic promises, Political payoffs and, Pettifoggery. I think you will find it an interesting read. The observation that struck me was the one on pragmatism. Barone tells us:

Perceptive writers like David Brooks of The New York Times told us in 2008 that Obama was basically a pragmatist, a slave to no ideology but simply a student of what works. Brooks was apparently impressed by Obama’s mention of Edmund Burke and the sharp crease in his pants.

Barack Obama may be many things but pragmatic is not one of them. After his landslide victory in 2008, Obama and Company pushed through their favorite big government programs; Obamacare, Stimulus Spending, Dodd-Frank. the result was to make a very bad situation much, much worse. The voters told him as much in 2010. After two years, a pragmatist would have looked at the results of his policies and the results of the mid-term elections and would have decided to make a course correction; but not Obama. he just kept push his agenda. His agency heads kept piling on the job killing regulations. His budget proposal was a joke that not even one Senator from his own party would vote for. And now,  after weeks of hoopla about a jobs bill, we are offered more of the same _  another empty bag.

Obama is on the road now promoting his empty bag knowing full well that it will not be filled. That is his plan to get reelected. He plans to blame the Republicans for not filling his candy bag with candy. Doesn’t sound very pragmatic to me.  A pragmatic Obama would recognize that there are things he and Congress could to that would result in jobs growth. He could become an instant hero and almost guarantee his reelection. You know what I’m talking about: slashing corporate taxes, rolling back years of useless regulations, approve the Keystone Pipeline Project and, get out-of-the-way of the oil, gas and coal industry so they can invest and help grow the economy and create jobs.

there is a great article in the Wall Street Journal today that I hope you will read.  here are a few snips:

For all its soaring rhetoric, President Obama’s “jobs speech” last week didn’t demonstrate a lick of insight into why economies grow or how wealth is created. It was merely trademark Obamanomics: using government diktat to move money that’s over here, over there.


U.S. unemployment is high because capital is on strike. Short-term offers to coax investors into taking new risks aren’t going to cut it when they have been forewarned that the president intends to pay for it all by raising taxes in the out years. The market dropped over 300 points the day after Mr. Obama’s speech.


But Keystone XL is only a fraction of the potential that could be released if Mr. Obama changed his energy policy. In a study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute and released last week, the energy consultancy Wood MacKenzie estimates that pro-development policies could, by 2030, “support an additional 1.4 million jobs, and raise over $800 billion of cumulative additional government revenue.”

On the other hand, according to the study, current policies “which slow down the issuance of leases and drilling permits, increase the cost of hydraulic fracturing through duplicative water or air quality regulations, or delay the construction of oil sands export pipelines such as Keystone XL, will likely have a detrimental effect on production, jobs, and government revenues.”

A serious jobs proposal would address these issues. Mr. Obama doesn’t have one.

Nope. The candyman’s candy bag is not only empty; it has a big freaking hole in the bottom.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


Good News: Oil Drilling Off Florida Begins Nov. 1. Bad News: It’s in Cuba.

27 thoughts on “When the Candyman’s Candy Bag Is Empty

  1. Barone nearly always nails it. I ma not sure how anyone could have ever thought of Obama as pragmatic–I never saw that in the man. I think many people have just been projecting their hopes on him, and confusing their own dream of what a president should be with reality.

  2. The budget is a mythical beanbag. Congress votes mythical beans in and then reaches in and tries to pull real beans out.– Will Rogers

    The Obamunistas are convinced that since their cause is holy, pursuing the failed Keynesian experiment must eventually produce the desired results. They are short on self-examination and long on ignoring inconvenient reality.

  3. The candy man’s bag is empty, indeed. Good analogy.

    But Obama’s troubles go further than that, because the baskets of candy men in European nations are not only empty but have a hole in the bottom.

    Even if somebody else fills Obama’s basket with more candy, in Europe there is not more filling and the candy man needs to go.

    We proposed in our last piece that the chances of Obama being re-elected do not depend on the situation in the US any more, but in the shock wave that is coming from Europe, with Greece being the catalyst.

    1. I agree, John. I have been warning my readers for some time that we may not make it to the elections before our economy collapses due to outside events, such as, the situation in Europe or the unrest in the Middle-East or both. It doesn’t look good, does it?

  4. our own candyman clown

    Perfect terminology!

    And that clown expects the American people to love him and re-elect him? Pfffft.

    Of course, truth be told, Obama may very well get re-elected. It makes me sick to type in that comment.

  5. As much as I am concerned about Obama, I am equally concerned about what might be our candidates. Just changing the costume is not enough,if the candy that is being passed out goes to the cronie business folks. Both Romney and Perry have deep ties to Business, and the connections have brought them much fruit. I hope we dig deeply into these matters prior to the primaries, no matter how painful.

  6. The biggest FAILURE in American presidential history went through the motions and did his very best to convince Americans that he actually cares. The ONLY thing Obama cares about is HIS job, America is NOT his concern!

    Get ready for the Obama DICTATORSHIP, rule by Executive Order… That’s right, I said RULE, not governance, RULE…

    Obama is a trapped rat and he is about to become more dangerous than ever before..

  7. I think that your analysis is right on: Obama proposed this plan knowing that it would not pass, and in reality he doesn’t care if it passes or not because this is about his reelection. He hopes that the Republicans will kill this bill so that he can use it against them, but I think the American people are not going to fall for this.

  8. Great Video and post Jim. I loved the song. Obama and his administration want the taxpayer to refill his empty bag so he can pay off his political allies. That’s really what this about. And it is corrupt plain and simple. People can’t fall for this snake oil sales pitch.

    1. I couldn’t get that song out of my head yesterday. Obama has made promises he knows he can’t keep. He will use every dirty trick in the book to convince people that it’s all the fault of the obstructionist Republicans.

  9. “President Obama’s “jobs speech” last week didn’t demonstrate a lick of insight into why economies grow or how wealth is created.”

    You could say that about all liberals, they have various theories about economies and how wealth is created and how it should all work. Very little of it is actually connected to reality and they get irritated when their various pet theories crash and burn when put into practice.

    The best place for a liberal to be when you need to create jobs and grow the economy is as far away from it as possible. if they leave the country altogether that’s even better.

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