Divide and Conquer Still Works

And, elections do have consequences

Well, this is not the post I thought I would be writing today. And, after twenty years of living outside of the country, this is not the America, or rather the Americans, I thought I knew. In the America I remember, a president who drove the economy into the ground, who passed a health care law that no body wanted and which will further injure the fragile economy, who totally destabilized the Middle-East, who left four Americans, including an Ambassador, to dir in a hell hole in Libya to die, who talk about the reason to vote as a chance to get revenge, who for four years pitted one group of Americans against an other group; that president would never of had a chance to be reelected. That president would have been defeated by a landslide.

Clearly the America I remember has changed. Americans have changed. I do not like this new America. And, frankly, I am ashamed of the just over 50% of American voters who voted to return to office the worst president in American history. I have never felt that way before when my candidate didn’t win. This election was different. This election was to decide the fate of our nation and quite possibly that of Western civilization. I belive that! It was totally understandable when Americans elected Barack Obama in 2008. Yesterday¡s election is not understandable, at least not to me.

The Strategy of Divide and Conquer Still Works

The strategy of divide and conquer is a s old as time. Barack Hussein Obama, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and others proved once again that this strategy still works. They pitted women’s rights against conservatism, they pitted blacks and minorities against a nation founded by rich white racists, they pitted gays against traditional American values, they pitted Islam and political correctness against Jews and Christians, and they pitted the rich against everyone else. They even pitted success against failure. The divided this country like I have never seen before. In so doing, they won the right to continue their failed policies for another four years.

Elections Have Consequences

Chief Justice Roberts, in his writing of the majority opinion on the Affordable Care Act said that elections have consequences and that the Court could not protect people from the consequences of their votes.

The consequences of yesterday’s votes will not be long in coming. The Lame Duck Congress will now have no choice but to face up to the Fiscal Cliff in front of our nation. The debt ceiling will be raised again. Obamacare taxes our in our immediate future. Most of the so-called Bush Tax Cuts will be allowed to expire. Payroll taxes will likely resume. Taxes on the rich, including Capital Gain taxes will increase, the sequestration package will have to be revisited; especially as it affects military’s budget. And, America will likely see its credit rating down graded again.

America as we have known it will not die a sudden death. America, like Europe, will continue to spin around the drain of mediocrity. I already live in a third world country. You, my friends will get a taste of what that means in the decade ahead. Some day in the future the world’s monetary system will collapse and that will be a tragedy of epic proportions. Out of that tragedy a new world order will eventually emerge. What will it be? Nobody knows.

Is this the end of the Republican Party? Will that be one of the consequences of this election? probably not; but, in my opinion, it should be. What good is a Republican Party that could not defeat the worst president ever? There will be a lot of finger-pointing. One of the principle targets will rightly be the media.  Objective honest reporting has become the exception rather than the rule. Most of the media has been bought and paid for and are now nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. I do not see that changing any time soon. Although alternative media will continue to grow in influence, the zombies will continue to watch their televisions and therefore, will continually be bombarded with liberal propaganda.

What will become of conservative blogging? Most of us sprang to life after the 2008 election and were energized even more after the 2010 elections. I will bot be surprised if some of the bloggers I have followed stop writing all together. Others will probably post less often. For those who have blessed me by participating in the discussions here at Conservatives on Fire can be sure that I will continue to write about politics, the economy, and continue opining for what that is worth. Unlike most blogger, who have a life apart from blogging, this blog is a central part of my life. Health reasons restrict my activities, so you can be sure I will still be here if you want to come by and see what the old man is ranting about now. I strongly believe that the resistance must continue.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

25 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer Still Works

  1. “America, like Europe, will continue to spin around the drain of mediocrity”… If only. He will end our defense systems, continue his absurd foreign policy of appeasement, and we all know how that ends. If only. Sooner rather than later, we shall fall prey to a stronger force. As History buffs, we know the last chapter. Don’t we? We tried to show the world a better way. In the end, we fell victim to the evils that all great civilizations fall to. We were the last vestige of maintiang some s sosrt of order. Now it has eneded

  2. Jim, we gave it our best shot, guess it was not good enough, for now. That there are those that only want what they can get freely, freedom does not come with that, as a side order. At some point, they will be affected, as well as the ones carrying the burden of making the money. When the money stops coming in, the free stuff will get less and less, so yes, they will suffer as well. To think that after seeing all the questionable or out and out illegal things this administration has done, they would still vote him back in, makes me question their thinking process. I believe that, as usual, there was massive voter fraud as will as just plain complacency on the vote. Pull the lever as usual, don’t pay attention to what the issues are, that is the name of the game. I am sick over this, but I will continue on with making my best effort to at least slow this man (term used lightly) down in his endeavour to take our great country down. I fear for my children and grandchildren today, they will carry the brunt of what has been done. I also fear Obamacare, being a baby boomer, what will I/we have in store for us now? I guess get in the best shape we can get in and hope for the best. That we have in the White House, OUR HOUSE, someone that doesn’t have the best interest of the American people at heart, is an understatement. We now know what we are up against, how we handle it will be if American survives. That we are in this position, well, it pisses me off in no uncertain terms. That we have to put up with 4 more years of this, if we are able to, is unimaginable. I need to “regroup” at this point and size up the foe we are up against and proceed from there. I suggest all of us do the same, we have work to do. Please stay with your blog up, we need it now more than ever. Take care.

  3. Can we hang on for four more years? As I said in my blog post last night (www.freemarketproject.com), some people–it seems just over 50% of us–apparently can’t see the cliff coming and turn away, they need to be falling before they wake up.

    Obama now inherits a big mess again, only this time it is his mess he inherits. Bush is four years in the rear view. That excuse is gone (or should be… but then, it should’ve been after year one). All the Dems I know, and Obama himself, claim that Obama is turning it around. They say this with no evidence that it’s true, which is weird. Real unemployment is over 10% and most new jobs are part time. GDP is growing at barely over 1%. Energy, which is abundant, is rising in price because the government refuses to pull it out of the ground anywhere but on private land.

    So what’s the real problem? I think it comes down to economic ignorance. Only the economically ignorant can believe that a large, intrusive government will result in prosperity. You have to be a child with a firm belief in magic to buy that, and you have to ignore all evidence to the contrary. Maybe it comes down to just plain stupidity. Only someone with (pardon my language) shit for brains buys all of the negative crap the Democrats say about Republicans. War on women? Because some people are willing to note that “free contraceptives” really means “somebody else pays for your contraceptives” and that some people don’t think the Catholic church should be forced to provide something that defies their basic beliefs… That is a “war on women”? There’s the belief that the rich don’t do their fair share. Meanwhile, the rich pay the bulk of the taxes in this country. It’s a simple fact, and it’s widely available, but if you have shit for brains, you believe the guy who says the rich are the problem. Forget that “a poor man never gave me a job…” It’s true, but forget it anyway. Tax the rich bastards and ignore the simple fact that increasing taxes on the rich hurts the economy every time its tried (except in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime event like the boom of the personal computer age and the Internet in the ’90s).

    What do we do? Pray that as we go over the cliff, the back tires get stuck and there’s a chance to pull us back. And, we need to educate people. We can’t re-establish ourselves as an economic powerhouse when people don’t understand economics.

    Here’s the other thing… We need to embrace libertarian principles as a Republican party. Even the “values voters”, the people wholly absorbed by social issues, are going to have to take the stand that people’s values ARE NOT PROPERLY ADDRESSED BY GOVERNMENT! I am telling you right now that there are millions of people out there that vote for Democrats because they are turned off by Republicans on social issues. They understand that Democrats are wrong on economics, but they are more afraid of Republicans dictating their morals than they are of Democrats dictating their economic future. They paint Republicans with the broad brush that says we all want women in the kitchen, gays in the closet, minorities on the plantation, and everyone in a church that tells them that there’s no such thing as evolution. That’s what they vote against when they pull the lever for Democrats. They consider themselves to be too enlightened on social issues to ever back a Republican even though they don’t think the Democrats do the right thing economically. That has to change, and it can if we take a libertarian approach that simply says that values and morals are not within the sphere of the federal government’s duties. Fight out the social issues in social settings, not in politics. It’s tough, because government is so intrusive that it seems that the arguments should occur there.

    Anyway… Obama and the Dems have the ball. They have no excuses. We’ll see what they do.

    1. Well said, Pat. No one ever said ALL people are intelligent. There are gullible people that believe what the government is telling them, no questions asked. We just don’t happen to be in that group. There are alot of false statements that have come out of this administration, if not out and out LIES, but the media has covered for them. Do I hold the media totally responsible, no, however they are still at fault. That people are that stupid ( I don’t like stupid people) to believe and not fact check, is where I have the problem with them. Libertarians have never caught on, if you look at Ron Paul, he had good ideas, but since the main stream was not “comfortable” with doing away with the FED, for an example he was labled insane. He wanted less government, I thought it was a good idea…he also didn’t think we needed to be all over the world, spread out, with our military…sounds like good advice, but once again,,,NO, from the people….now we have Obama back in, same shit, different day…what do they expect will change? I am rambling, sorry. I hope there will be more people that think towards the Libertarian thought process, but when you have all the “free things”, it is kind of hard for certain people to see past that. We have a nation of takers and the givers are about “given up” at this point. I live in Illinois, we have extreme taxes here, a crooked system that would alllow a few counties up by Chicago to call the shots for the whole state and Obamas home state…what is not to understand how things will be run in the White House if this state is such a mess and controlled by the Democrats? Ok, the sun is out, it is a new day and I have things that still need to get done, even though I feel our future is in the trash can right now. You have a good day, if that is possible.

  4. Well, I already reduced my blogging due to that nagging thing called everyday life, so that part won’t change now. But I won’t be quitting. My tone is likely to change. My focus, and strategy, both in my real life and on my blog, will be changing.

    I was so gutted last night. Right now I feel more of a wry resignation. I have to laugh. It’s better than crying.

    see you in the funny papers, friend.

    1. Guess we were smacked with the “reality stick”, I just didn’t think some Americans were that stupid. We just “regroup” and move on to fight another day.

  5. Is the United States doomed? I think that all depends on how you define the concept. If you mean doomed in the context of our traditional values, which includes the primacy of the individual over the state, then yes … the American people are doomed to the consequences of their own inane choices —to give up their individual liberty and place themselves at the mercy of the state.

    The election results do not surprise me, but I am nevertheless disgusted with the American people for choosing to bare their throats to Marxist ideology; for bowing their heads in subservience of Soviet style leadership in Washington, D. C. As one who served his country in uniform for 29 years, I can say that the American people no longer deserve the sacrifices made on their behalf. Those who died serving America died in vain.

  6. Americans voted to throw their neighbors, their families and their nation under the bus. The first tires to squash us will be the fiscal cliff &/or much smaller paychecks starting in January. And there are many tires, many buses to follow.

    I haven’t even thought about the effect of this election outcome on my blog. As Scarlett O’Hara said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow”.

  7. If the GOP received any ‘message’ from the election, than they must respond by replacing Boehner. That will answer if they’re happy with the status quo.

    There is a big positive from this for the GOP. The 2014 mid-terms. We already know Obama’s policy failures so the next two years will only magnify them. With 20 of the 33 seats up in the Senate being democrat, the GOP should simply default into a Senate majority in 2014.

    Then we will know the future of the GOP. If they can’t control both chambers after two more years of a non-recovery, then we can say the party is done.

    As far as blogging, we’re addicts. We may modify our content to some degree, but with a plethora of policy disasters waiting in the wings from Obama, I’m sure we’ll see more vigor than ever from conservative bloggers. Our period of grieving will be short-lived.

  8. I have been pondering this for quite some time… let me explain and offer up a premise. I wrote about this today over at FG. And I flat out reject a simplistic statement that voters are stupid. They are not. What they really are…

    Is apathetic. The truth is simple- they really don’t give a shit. I first saw this at the local government level in Moonbat Valley. I’m willing to get my ass shot off, or stand publicly on sound principles, and people didn’t care. They didn’t care whether I did a good job or not. And the people in government, my bosses, did a shitty job. They did corrupt shit. And they got away with it. They can only get away with it when nobody demands better.

    This is the best we can do?

    People feel powerless. Obama won last night because people are tired of getting old rich and elite white guys shoved up their ass. The aristocracy in this country is about to collapse. The aristocracy sold us out a long time ago. That 1.7 trillion sitting in corporate bank accounts aint coming back. Those 50 million Chinese jobs ain’t coming back. ten bucks an hour, p/t, with no benefits is the aristocracy’s offer. In the meantime, the GOP better come up with a better plan than some rich white elite Mormon banker that nobody could identify with. He is a fucking squish to boot.

    How much longer can we survive before the Cloward Piven strategy takes over? Not much longer. I’ll tell you this. The right is just as responsible as the left for last night’s debacle. I am proud that I wasted my vote on my choice and not the the GOP choice. Truth was, the GOP stole Iowa from Ron Paul and that’s a fact. I am not sure RP didn’t win NH either. That the GOP couldn’t beat the shittiest President ever speaks volumes about its effectiveness and it’s viability going forward. Get better or go away. I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for the party of squish.

    Good work Jim.

    1. My first choice was Ron Paul as well. My concern now are the Supremes,,,a few of them are getting up in age and there are 2 or 3 that are going to retire soon, if that happens in the next 4 years, we have a liberal leaning Supreme Court, then we will really be in trouble, no more 4 X 4 with 1 swing vote at that point.

  9. Just a couple of things to add. Today I learned that 15 million people who voted in 2008 did not vote this time. I also learned that Romney lost by 1% and that Gary Johnson’s / Libertarian vote was 1%. I heard yesterday that the Democrats pour millions into the Libertarian Party just for that reason. Elections have consequences indeed.

    Powerlessness leads to apathy. If you think you can’t fix it, you are more likely to bow out altogether. That leads me to the core of apathy and that is powerlessness. All of that leads to corruption eventually. When the game is rigged, people will try to figure out how to get in on the take, get screwed out of ignorance, drag their fellow man down with them, or just not play at all.

    So what happened yesterday? America took a very large punch in the gut for so many reasons it is hard to count them all. Systemic cancerous policies and ideology being at the heart of it.

    I’m not sure about the future of my blog at this moment. Today doesn’t seem like a good day to make a major decision about anything. I am counting on you to keep us up on the issues you write about, Jim.

  10. The American people, explicitly our new dominant minorities – Hispanics, single women and young people – are unaware of what they have done.
    When they learn it, the few that eventually will, it will be too late. But in an ironic justice, they are the ones that will pay for it. The rest of them will not know what hit them and why they are worse off than their parents.

  11. Thank you everybody for taking the time to share your feeling on this very sad dat for America. I0m not up to responding to each comment as I normally would. By tommorrow, I will have converted my sadness into anger and it will be back to work. God bless you all!

    1. I knew you had it in you, Jim! We all got sucker punched in the gut on this one, so it is understandable to feel that way. Voter fraud was HUGE, now we have to somehow prove it.

  12. I am right there with you Jim! I will not stop blogging until they take it away from me, we must fight on even if the fight is lost because the cause is still worth it.

  13. I’m not going to give up on freedom, and I love my country. We will have some trying times.
    I’ll stick with blogging for sure, and blogging is especially fun when I do it from outsider minority position.

  14. Obama proved that negative campaigning works. Yes, it held down his vote totals, but it held down Romney’s even more, so it was a successful short-term strategy. However, the campaign itself, not to mention the election results, will leave a bitter legacy in America. No responsible leader would want to run an election campaign this way. And no serious country would have let a demagogue like Obama win, given his record and the shape of the country.
    As an expatriate like you, I wonder what happened to my country, and if I really have a home anywhere in this world to go back to.
    No doubt, many conservatives will stop blogging because of this loss. Many of the bloggers I know gave up when Palin decided not to run. One of the great ironies of this election, however, is that my bog gets many more hits when conservatives suffer defeat than when they win. I even wondered if I would continue getting traffic to my blog if Romney won the election. This is not at all a good reason to be happy with the election results–I mourn very deeply over what has happened. However, it shows that the fight is not over, and that there is a reason to continue blogging and speaking out. So long as there is a platform and an audience, and I have a voice, I plan on continuing.

    1. I’m glad to hear you are giving up, John. Its a different world and a different America we are going to be living in. But, those who cherish freedom will fight to get as much as they can. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and to all humanity for that matter.

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