The Sequester Lies __ Where Are the Republicans?

Are you  fed up with the lies told by our President, his Cabinet members, and other high level Democrats about the imaginary disastrous effects of the Sequester? There was no cut from anybody’s or any department’s budget in what remains of fiscal 2013 or any other year. The graph below shows the truth about federal government spending with and without the Sequester. (Source)

So, without sequester federal spending would have increased over the next ten years $1.80 trillion. With the sequester federal spending for the same period will increase $1.65 trillion. THERE WERE  NO CUTS!

The President knows this. His Cabinet officials know this. All the Democrats know this. And yet, even before the sequester kicked-in, the department of  Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which comes under the control of the Department of Homeland Security (Janet Napolitano) released to American streets over 2200 illegal aliens from detention claiming it was due to the sequester. THAT WAS A LIE! As the graph above shows, ICE and Janet Napolitano will have more money to spend in fiscal 2013 than they had to spend in fiscal 2012. White House tours were canceled supposedly by the Secret Service because of sequester cuts to their budget. THAT’S A LIE! They have more money to spend not less. There have been several other such lies over the effect of thee sequestered funds; but yesterday the scum bag Harry Reid told the worse whopper of all. After eulogizing the seven Marines who were killed in a training accident at Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada, the esteemed harry Reid had this to say:

“It’s just not appropriate, Mr. President, that our military can’t train and do the maintenance necessary,” Reid said. “These men and women, our Marines, were training there in Hawthorne and with the sequester it’s going to cut this stuff back, and I just hope everyone understands sacrifices made by our military, they are significant.”

If the Army has more money to spend, why would they have to cut “this stuff” back? HARRY WAS LYING.

Here at Asylum Watch your humble host is fed up with all the lying too. However, I am even more fed up with our Republicans in the House and the Senate. Let me explain.

Barack Obama has been a consistent liar since he came on to the public scene and probably for much longer than that. Democrats lie. That is what they do.  Just like the followers of Islam, they believe its okay to lie if it furthers their cause. We know this. Surely our Republican Congressmen and Senators know this, too. So, why haven’t been able to attack this adminstration and the Democrats with clear messages about the truth? At best, they have only been able to cause some doubt in the minds of the uninformed. Maybe!  When it comes to messaging, the Republicans are the worst. Folks, it is not rocket science. Every Republican Congressman and Senator has the facts available to them. They have that graph from the Congressional Budget Office. They, or their staff, have all the spending details. How hard would it be , after the President or someone else has made a lie about the effects of the sequester, to call a press conference and say, for example:

  • ICE just released from prison over 2200 illegal aliens. They claim it was due to the sequester cuts. ICE has $X million more to spend this year than last year. The president needs to explain why his people released these illegal aliens.
  • White House tours have been canceled, we are told, because of sequester cuts to the Secret Service Budget. The Secret Service has $X million more to spend this year then last. The president needs to explain the White House tour were stopped?
  • Harry Reid is afraid that the Army won’t have enough money to properly train our soldiers. The Army will have $X million more to spend this than last year. Why does Harry Reid say that the sequester will affect training of our soldiers?

Even low information Americans can understand that the President and the Democrats are lying when they hear that these departments have MORE money to spend. Why is it so hard for Republicans to counter the lies of the President and the Democrats in a clear and effective way?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


19 thoughts on “The Sequester Lies __ Where Are the Republicans?

  1. The ICE hearing was a chiller yesterday. Yet one would never know it. Now they are trying to find a couple of the worst. The set up was for them to do something terrible and then blame the GOP. If it does, it will be one big backfire. Otherwise they would not be trying tomfind them.

  2. This “sequester” is a crock. No cuts. Only reduction in increases. And our incompetent Republican “leadership” cannot even get this simple message out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We need to destroy the Republicans and build a new party on their wreckage.

  3. Pleaser, Prof, do not mortgage your house to bet on the CBO deficit projections.
    This is how good they are: In 2000, and in spite of having consistent budget deficits since the 1950’s, the CBO published a paper where the existent public debt, then of around $3.5 trillion, would be zero by 2010.

    Well ok, bet on the CBO predictions – but short.
    Remember that the best analysis of the spending habits of the government is done through debt projections. Annual deficits are calculated using accounting standards from the planet Pluto and contain an invisible credit card that only shows in the debt figures; plus debt obligations that don’t show anywhere . . . maybe except in Pluto.

    If you want to have a good giggle, just take a look at their projected deficit for 2015 of $430 billion. Now, if you believe that, you also believe that Rand Paul can get himself elected President and legalize drugs. In reverse it might just work; legalize drugs before the rabble go to the polls, maybe, just maybe,. . . . they would have such a high . . .

    I think I just stumble into something; legalize drugs and the rabble won’t care to show up at the polls. Maybe, just maybe, this Rand guy is more clever than he appears.

    1. Heh! I agree about the CBO, John. That is why I only mention this fiscal year (we are half way through) and last year. It’s pretty hard to screw up the spending estimates for the next six months.

  4. Actually, this is one that the American people seemed to sort of be in on. Obama’s approval dropped significantly with his sequester gloom and doom. People weren’t buying it. People did notice that he and his administration were going way overboard, trying to make us all believe that every place where the government actually provided services was held hostage to the final 2.3% of their spending. And I think they also understood that we were talking about a decrease in spending growth, not an actual cut (you know, like you and I would have to make). This may actually be the thing that got people who had refused for four years to question anything Obama said to start wondering if he might just possibly be full of shit. Those of us who’ve paid attention have known that’s the case for… well… over four years now.

  5. I am right there with you Jim and I am just as angry with the Republicans over this as I am with the Democrats. I believe the Republicans have no interest in cutting spending either, they just want to be the party in charge of spending our money. nobody is serious about the spending problem, Republicans like to spend money just as much as the Democrats, they just want control over where that money is going to be spent. I am tired of both parties, it is time for a new way forward.

  6. Great graphic showing the slight slowdown in the increase in spending due to sequestration.

    Every American should see this, but won’t. However, you can only cry wolf so many times before the general public catches on whether they see the numbers or not.

    An old trick common in state legislatures after crying wolf is to miraculously “find” money in the budget to pay for important things later on.

    That is what the federal government will start doing with sequestration.

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