Another Obama SOTU Address _ Another Pack Of Lies, Distortions, and Threats

It’s estimated that tomorrow evening some 30 million masochistic Americans will park themselves in front of their TVs to listen to President Obama’s State of The Union (SOTU) address. I will not be among them. I don’t like having my intelligence insulted; especially by a moron!We all know it will just be more of same pack of lies he always tells. He will brag about the umpteen consecutive months of private sector job growth and how he has brought down unemployment and how our recovery from the worse financial disaster since the Great Depression (caused by Bush and the Republicans) continues to get stronger with each passing month and would be even better if it wasn’t for the obstructionist Congress blocking his plans to help the Middle Class. He will brag about the five green jobs he created and how after a rocky start we will, thanks to him, have affordable health care in America. He will brag about how he got Bin Laden and has al Qaeda on the run and how he single-handedly set the stage for democracy to flourish in Libby and Egypt and Iraq and soon in Afghanistan and Syria. Then he will go on to say that much more needs to be done here at home to help the Middle Class and the most vulnerable amongst us. he’ll say how Congress must pass another extension of unemployment benefits, and raise the minimum wage and approve amnesty for millions of “undocumented” immigrants and raise taxes on the rich and approve more wealth redistribution programs that he has in mind. After all, he will remind us, food stamps are great for the economy. In other words, those 30 million Americans will hear the same canned lines they have been hearing for the last five years.

Senator Ted Cruz was in the news the other day saying that the President should use the SOTU address to apologize to America. The Senator was talking about the President’s signature legislation, ObamaCare, the greatest tax hike on the Middle Class in our history. With all due respect for one of my favorite Senators, I’d rather President Obama use this SOTU address to throw in the towel; to admit to America and the world that he is an idiot and a Muslim and that neither he or anyone in his administration has a clue about  how to bring about a real recovery in America. He should admit that everything he and his administration did over the last five years was intentionally designed to hurt America at home and abroad and much of what they did was patently illegal. He should the announce that he has fired his entire Cabinet and all of his appointees of the last five years. And, finally, he should announce that he and Vice President Biden are resigning, effective immediately. Heck, Senator, if your going to dream, you might as well dream big.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

28 thoughts on “Another Obama SOTU Address _ Another Pack Of Lies, Distortions, and Threats

  1. Why have Americans allowed this fraudster to go on talking about the “middle class” when we all know he doesn’t mean the middle class at all, he means the losers at the bottom? That way it doesn’t sound like he’s really shafting the middle class, which he is doing and has done.

  2. Amen, brother. BO should take the opportunity to admit that he has utterly failed the American people and resign. It would be MY fondest dream, because I love my country and I’m tired of seeing hard working people getting screwed at every turn. Unfortunately in his mind, destroying this nation is success for him. So he will pontificate from what he sees to be his imperial throne, nose in the air, telling the world that the big old stinky cow pattie that is his administration is a nice chocolate brownie with a cherry on top.

    Apparently Obama is a student of Joseph Goebbels, whose take on propaganda was that people will believe a circle is a square if you only tell them that enough times.

  3. I will not be watching either. I don’t understand the American people can say unemployment if 7.2% when a third of the populations is not working. It appears the true figure is 33-37%. I also think unemployment benefits should be for 6 weeks; any longer, the benefits should be called welfare.

    1. Ah, the Red Wings! The brings back a great memory. It was the summer of 1960. I was a Captain caddy at the Flint Country Club. It was a day or two before the start of the Buick Open at Warwick Hills. Guess who showed up at our couse to play a practice round? It was Sam Snead (famous PGA Pro), Curt Gowdy (famous sports broadcaster), and none othe than Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe. I caddied for Howe. Howe was outdriving Snead on every par four and par five hole. Although it was a friendly game, it was obvious that it was getting under Snead”s skin that a hockey players was outdriving him. That is a cherished memory!

      Enjoy the game!

      Go Red Wings!

      1. Wow, Jim, we were almost in the same place at the same time in the summer of 1960. That’s when we saw the late Norm Cash appear at the hardware store on Middle Belt Road in Garden City (now Westland, MI). Go Tigers and Red Wings from a Jersey guy!

  4. I’ll have to watch the SOTU because my American Government students are assigned to watch it and analyze it.

    I wonder….Will Obama take the podium and display anger? That could work against him, I think.

  5. I have such contempt for Obama, that like Jim, I simply can’t watch him. The banquet of consequences is here. The market is tanking, QE is wrapping up, and earnings reports including aapl’s are blowing up. Nobody can afford Obamacare. We’re broke.

    Finally…5 years of some of the finest bullshit ever strewn hither and yon is about to be sprayed away in the car wash.

    I can hardly wait.

  6. In tonight’s audience we will see amnesty and budget buddies like Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan and others. Will they stand and cheer with their buds on the other side of the aisle? Surely they will do their best to show their solidarity with this human wrecking ball rather than stand for the people who elected them. As for me, I’ll be cutting my toenails.

      1. Al Kaline, #6, was my boyhood idol. Norm Cash, Rocky Colavito, Steve Boros, Jake Wood, Chico Fernandez, Charlie Maxwell, Hank Aguirre, Bubba Morton, Phil Reagen… The good old days at Briggs Stadium.

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