War and Betrayal

In yesterday’s post on the subject of “victimhood” promoted by race baiting liberals, I quoted extensively from an article by Dr. Thomas Sowell. Today I find myself once again drawn to the thoughts of this American icon.

It’s always gratifying for a humble blogger when they find someone of Dr. Sowell’s stature agreeing with positions they have taken. Such was the case for me, when I read Sowell’s, Another galling betrayal, published by Human Events.

What is galling Dr. Sowell is the latest example since WWII where our government (politicians) sends our brave young men and women into war and then after winning the battles, our government (politicians) turns around and betrays the cause for which those young men and women sacrificed so much. This latest example is taking place in Afghanistan and we’ll come to that in a moment. First allow Dr. Sowell takes us through some history of our military involvements and political betrayals since WWII. Without doubt, he could have started with the Korean conflict; but he chose to start with the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War

If you are old enough to remember the Vietnam War you should find this quote from Sowell’s article very disturbing.

Vietnam was a classic example. Years after that war was over, the Communist victors themselves admitted that they lost militarily in Vietnam, as they knew they would. But they won politically in America, with the help of Americans, including the media — as they also knew they would.

“Galling” doesn’t begin to describe the feelings I experience when reading those words. I certainly do not doubt the veracity of what the good Doctor has said. I do wish, however, he had given us a link to his source.

Iraq War

The war in Iraq was more of the same. American troops won that war but our politicians lost the peace. Terrorists have now taken over, and raised Al Qaeda flags, in some Iraqi towns that American troops liberated at the cost of many lives.

How did this happen? It happened much the same way it happened in Afghanistan. We insisted on trying to create a “democracy” in the Middle East — a place with a history going back thousands of years, without a single democracy.

What we created instead was a local ruler, placed in charge as a result of the blood and treasure of Americans, but independent of us, because he won an election that we insisted on holding — as if there are no prerequisites for democracy.


With American military support likely to be temporary and Iran’s military presence next door certain to be permanent, how surprising is it that Iraq’s leadership took Iran much more seriously than it took the United States?

Afghanistan War

On the most recent galling betrayal, Sowell writes:

The Afghanistan government’s recent release of dozens of imprisoned terrorists, many of whom had killed Americans, was a galling betrayal of those Americans who died defending Afghanistan against the Taliban terrorists — as well as those Americans who have returned home with arms or legs missing, or with minds traumatized beyond repair.

Sowell is not surprised by this latest betrayal:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai saw the handwriting on the wall — and what it said was that American support was temporary but the Taliban was going to be around long after the Americans were gone. He too decided that it was better to try to get on the good side of our enemies, in this case by turning loose some terrorists.

Here are two more quotes from Dr. Sowell that sum up what most of us feel:

 Nothing is more foolish — and immoral — than sending men into battle to risk their lives winning victories that are later lost by politicians for political reasons.


 If we can’t be serious, we have no right to send young Americans out into the hell of war.

It’s hard for me, your humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in, to believe that our government’s strategic thinkers weren’t smart enough to know that countries Iraq and Afghanistan could not easily adapt to Western style democracies. I just do not believe that they believed they could pull such a stupid idea off. So, shouldn’t we ask ourselves what was really motivating our “strategic” thinkers? Strategic natural resources come to my mind. But then, I am the proud owner of several tin-foil hats.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “War and Betrayal

  1. Its my opinions that the United States lost its way in the Afghan and the Iraq wars. What started out as wars to wipe out terrorist threats harbored on foreign soil transformed into wars of conquest and nation building.

    The first Iraq war in the 1990s was well designed and achieved every goal quickly. The second Iraq war was not and didn’t.

    Since nation building wasn’t an original military objective it should surprise no one that both Afghanistan and Iraq resulted in the quagmire left behind in both countries today.

  2. I am with you there Jim! It is hard to imagine that the government didn’t know what the end result would be after the wars were over so we are left to believe there are other reasons why we went to war in the first place.

  3. By now you have to see….it’s the plan. It isn’t just ineptness and stupidity. It IS the plan. Think Extortion 17. The Vaughn’s have a book and are on a speaking tour in hopes of waking people up to this. The book is called, “Betrayal.” Yep…it’s a plan. No doubt.

  4. First off I have read Billy Vaughn’s book “Betrayed” and have recommended it to many others. Many of those we now see paraded before us asking for our help because their government has abandoned them to their lost limbs and impaired minds, many victims of the ROE championed by both Bush II and Obama. The money spent on just one of Mooch’s vacations could pay for wheelchairs, modified homes and artificial limbs for these veterans. In 2005 my nephew was facing court martial in Iraq for firing back at the enemy and killing two of them who has just killed three American soldiers, one of whom was his closest buddy. Instead his weapon was taken away and he remained unarmed until his tour of duty was up.
    And as always, follow the money; see who in our congress is connected to government contractors raking in billions.
    Another point, It seems our government, especially our leaders, Bush II and Obama never heard the old adage “Kindness is taken for weakness.”
    For years we of the Vietnam war era were sure nothing could match the senselessness of that war. While 58,000 dead Americans outweighs the loss of American life in the middle east we may soon reap what we have sown by legitimizing organized terrorists; by negotiating from a position of weakness instead of strength and selling out to Iran and North Korea rather than giving them ultimatums.
    The guys in dirty pajama tops and Nikes along with the kimchi eaters are laughing all the way to the bank; yes we send mucho dinero to those who will not stop until they destroy all of we infidels. Uhm Uhm Uhm.

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