Political Correctness and Censoring of Books

Using political correctness to rewrite history and censorship of books are two things that I can not abide in any way shape or form. There are parts of history I may wish had never occurred and there are books that I may find appalling or disgusting but to change or censor what someone has written is not the answer. Historians are not always accurate and sometimes they are even biased but that does not justify the changing or censoring what they have written.

At Conservative Home USA, I came across a link to this article at Time.com that made me do a double-take. It is not a very informative article. Most of the information is in the title and sub-title:

Removing the N Word from Huck Finn: Top 10 Censored Books

As publishers print a new version of Mark Twain’s classic ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ without racial slurs, TIME takes a look at other books that have been bowdlerized

The article provides no information about who is publishing the PC sanitized version of  Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” or who is behind the drive to cleanse this classic of the N-word. All that the article provides is a brief history of attempts to censor this book as well as nine of the other most censored books.

Being white, I have no standing to speak for Black Americans but that doesn’t stop me from having opinions. Taking the N-word out of Mark Twain’s works does not change the fact that the characters that Twain wrote about would have and did use the language. Why would blacks today not want to read about their American history the way that it really was? How is trying to hide the truth helpful to them. I don’t think it is helpful to them. In my opinion this is taking political correctness way to far.

Here is Time’s complete list of the ten most censored books with links to brief  histories of attempts to censor each of them:

Full List

I’ve not read all of these books but a few of them played an influential part im y development as a teenager. There are a couple of books on the list that certainly wouldn’t make my list of recommended reading for my young children ( if I still had young children) but I would never prohibit them from reading those or any other books. I would, however, encourage them to talk to me about their thoughts on what they were reading.

What are you thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Political Correctness and Censoring of Books

  1. While there are parts of books that are highly offensive to people in today’s world, I think that it is important not to edit them because reading them in there original form can help to educate people about the past. Is it offensive? Yes, but does that mean that we should change the books? I don’t think so.
    Just out of curiousity, what is being edited out of “1984” and don’t you find it ironice that “1984” is being edited?!

  2. Censoring the n-word is so counter to what Twain wanted out of ‘Huck Finn’. I’m not even a fan of the book, but even I can see censoring that word is plain ignorant.

  3. “Why would blacks today not want to read about their American history the way that it really was?”

    Exactly, but you see you’re dealing with liberals, who at heart are bigots and feel they know better than the blacks they presume to rule over. They’ve taken it upon themselves to assume what blacks feel and what should offend them. I guess to liberals blacks are too stupid or too weak to handle what really happened back in the day.

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