Martial Arts vs. The Bully Boy (Obama)

So says Chuck Norris in his recent article for Human Events. Hey! You may want to laugh at Chuck Norris but know that you do it at your own peril. I would suggest that, although Mr. Norris may be a tad naive when it comes to American politics, he raise a point that is worthy of debate among we conservatives in the blogosphere. Here are some excerpts along with my comments:

The art of jujitsu is to use an opponent’s weight and strength to your advantage. I believe this is what the conservatives must do in the coming 2012 presidential election.

President Barack Obama’s “weight and strength” is that by next year, he will have a surplus of $1 billion in campaign money and the mainstream media supporting him. He also has ACORN (or whatever it calls itself now) and other community organizers rallying the liberal troops to make sure he gets re-elected. Add to that his slick-willy youth charm and pseudo-charisma, with which he has bamboozled a large part of the American public, which neither follows politics nor understands how he has unraveled the very fabrics of our republic. Tailor that with Obama’s unique ability to make one believe he means what he says from a teleprompter and you have a formidable foe.

Although Norris left out Obama’s most important ally, the MSM, his point is valid. With his billion plus dollars, the MSM, George Soros, and a myriad of socialist support organizations; the professional campaigner, Obama, will indeed be a formidable foe.

Obama will not be able to avoid his record on the economy. If history is any indication, he can not win. But these are not normal times. The fact this impostor made to the White House is proof of that. We can not afford to become over confident. Mr. Norris is worried by a recent poll that shows Obama ahead of his nearest rival, Mitt Romney, by 13% and also by the comments of his friend Mike Huckabee.

 To be effective, conservative organizations, independents, Libertarians, Republicans, tea partyers and other grass-roots groups across our country must make people aware that it is time we unite as one voice and, if you will, one jujitsu force. And that includes the Republican candidates running for president. If they don’t, we will proceed through the presidential primaries with politics as usual and get swallowed up in the partisan muck and mire.

As my friend Mike Huckabee stated June 3 during a speech at the Clinton School of Public Service, “it’s not going to be an easy path for whoever the Republican (nominee) is. Whoever it is going to come out of a bloody primary, broke and battered, because I anticipate the Republicans will do what they typically do and they’ll have a demolition derby, a circular firing squad, and load up with bullets and start shooting, and then by the time somebody comes out of this thing — in, let’s say, April or May — they have very little time to recover. They’ll never be able to come up with the amount of cash that the incumbent’s going to have, and plus he’s an incumbent president, which means the advantages of flying in on Air Force One and being presidential is very different than being the challenger.”

   How does the opposition become the jujitsu master capable of taking on the bully (Obama)? Here is Chuck’s recommendation:

Radical times call for new and radical measures. So let’s try this on for size: What if the Republican candidates got together and, all egos aside, decided to unify and create a collective force that could annihilate the Obama machine because they would offer a team (Cabinet) of experts and leaders? They purport to be able to be the leaders of our divided political landscape; let’s see whether they have the leadership to rally us together before they are elected. If they were willing to serve in a presidential Cabinet rather than in the supreme position, that sure would show their willingness to serve our country.

Then they would recommend to us (by vote?) who would be best-suited among them to out-debate and defeat Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. And they couldn’t vote for themselves. Maybe it would be someone not even among them yet. The others would have significant positions in the Cabinet so as to help lead our country back on the right path. As the acronym TEAM explains, “together everyone achieves more.”


This is the way we can use our conservative jujitsu to overpower our opponents, Obama and Biden, and prevail in our political combat.

Mr. Norris recognizes that overcoming individual egos will be difficult and I agree. Yet, I think there is much merit in his idea. Our primary candidates need to stay focused on the real enemy, Obama, and not get into fighting with each other. I do not, however, support Chuck’s idea that the winner of the primaries promise to name the other candidates to his/her cabinet. The next President must be free to choose the best possible people for his/her cabinet. Besides, putting aside inner-party rivalries for the good of the nation should require any kind of carrot or reward.

So, that’s what I’m thinking. What do you think?   



16 thoughts on “Martial Arts vs. The Bully Boy (Obama)

  1. He’s right – we cannot afford burnout in the primaries. It’s an interesting idea – collective force.

  2. I can see some of them putting their egos aside, but truly I think the American people would be more energized by the competition, and would find that it was rather insulting to think that they had to have things set up for them.

    1. I wouldn’t call it having things set-up for them, Patricia. I would call it good strategy. I’m not interested in hearing them tear each other down. I want to hear them attacking Obama for his failures and I want to hear what their plan for America is.

  3. Like it or not, Obama and his team are great spin masters. Ever piece of news goes their way, no matter how bad it actually is. The US auto market share is growing! Never mind the fact that the entire auto industry is shrinking, so the US industry is just not shrinking as much as the others.

    The only way to fight that is to continually show the trust at every turn and to never let him get away with the spin. It will be tough, but I do believe that the Republicans have some money as well. Let’s just hope that they’re honest about being fiscal conservatives now.

  4. It usually takes about 2 months for newly elected politicians to get drunk with power and fail to deliver on campaign promises, much less stay true to their political philosophy. 🙂

    There cannot be any group effort, though it’s an interesting proposition. I think perhaps if we apply the idea to the country at large – to the conservative movement – then it may have some validity.

    If we can keep the energy levels up from within the Tea Party and deep in the grass roots, conservatives will deliver a shellacking in 2012, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

    So yes — strength in numbers will work. Norris just wasn’t thinking big enough….

    1. Thanks for stopping by Conservatives on Fire, Harry. I hope you will join the fray when ever you like.
      I to believe that the Tea Parties are going to be key to these elections. This may be our last chance to get America back.

  5. In some ways, he is correct. However, what if you genuinely feel that the so-called frontrunner for the GOP nomination would be almost as bad as Obama, and is highly vulnerable in the general election at the same time? If the primaries are to be anything more than a dog and pony show, they will be bloody and bruising, but for a reason.
    I really wish that Romney would put his ego aside and simply sit this one out. Better yet–I wish he would just go away.

  6. An interesting idea, but what about the flip side: We need a leader and by getting together to reach a consensus instead of watching one man rise to the top open the door to Obama to claim nobody stood out on their own to provide leadership in the primary?

  7. The only way obama can win a second term is if the republicans are stupid enough to give it to him. And unfortunately they look more than willing to let him back into the white house.

    The economy is in the crapper, the muslim world still hates you, the price of gas is sky high and you have few jobs. That is no case for an incumbent for reelection, it’s really up to his opponents to take the victory from him.

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