Herman Cain vs. Ron Paul

Most of you already know that I have decided to back Ron Paul for President. My reasoning is that I believe that the potential  for an economic meltdown is high and that Ron Paul is best equipped to deal with such an event. He understands better than any other candidate the fiscal and monetary issues that must be addressed.  If you believe an economic meltdown might be on the horizon, you too should be backing Ron Paul. If you still need a nudge, please watch this video which has two parts to it.

H/T to Classic Liberal for the video.

Now, I know that many if not most of you have serious problems with Paul’s  foreign policy and I admit that it doesn’t sit well with me either. But if we can pack the House and the Senate with good conservatives, I think we’ll be alright.

Having said all of that, I know that the chances of Paul winning the nomination are small. The GOP establishment and the MSM are doing everything possible to ensure that Mitt Romney gets the nomination. The GOP establishment was behind Florida moving up their primary which has forced the other early primary to move their primaries up as well. This is a play by the Republican elites to help Romney win decisively and knock out any other competition. We need to do what ever we can to slow the Romney freight train down. If you haven’t already set on a candidate, you can still help get the word out to the voters in the early primary states that a Romney win means we can look forward to four years of  Republican big government policies and this country can’t survive that.

As things stand today, it looks like Herman Cain has the best shot at slowing down Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment. The folks on Main Street are very turned-on by Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.  Larry Kudlow has an article at Real Clear Politics I think you will find interesting. According to Kudlow Paul Ryan and a Reagan economic advisor, Art Laffer, both give thumbs-up to Cain’s plan.

Personally, I do believe Cain’s 9-9-9 plan would really jump-start our economy. Even so, I wold like to see some changes to his plan. I  also have problems with Cain’s views on the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a big part of the problems our country faces today. However, in spite of my reservations about Cain, if he can derail Romney and if it looks like my man, Ron Paul, is not going to get the nomination, I will become an enthusiastic supporter of Herman Cain. I will, of course, be sending e-mails to Cain and his campaign staff trying to change his opinion on the Fed.

Bottom line, folks, we need to stop Mitt Romney. The GOP establishment and he MSM want us to believe that a true conservative can’t beat Obama. That is a myth pure and simple. We have the numbers and we can win with a conservative.  Mitt Romney is not a conservative. So I’m asking all of you who are bloggers to post as often as you can with the message about your choice for president or if your still not ready to choose, let people know why you don’t support Mitt Romney. America is ready for a RIGHT turn.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

26 thoughts on “Herman Cain vs. Ron Paul

  1. Wow. You are up early Jim. I like your reasoning and btw…who names their kid Mitt? Wtf is that? Mitt is a statist and a moonbat. The moonbats and elite would love to force us to choose between Obama or Romney. I like Ron Paul. I might even like Gary Johnson better but he gets no attention and by all accounts- he was a fantastic governor. Interesting. And the Cain train rolls…

    FED banker turned pizza man running the US. Why not? Look what we got in there now…

    1. What kind of parents name their kid Mitt? (I had a rawlins first baseman’s mitt when I was a kid.) The same kind that would name their kid Willard Mitt Romney. So, in the end we may have to find a way to work with a FED banker turned pizza man.

  2. Personally I agree with Rick Santorum’s positions on the issues but he’s still at the back of the pack. I like Herman Cain and am not a fan of Ron Paul’s foreign policy positions. After Iran’s planned assassination attempt and terrorist plot I think we need someone who will be tough on Iran and defend Israel with great strength and tenacity and I just think Paul is weak on the issue of Iran and defending Israel. Herman Cain was the only candidate at Beck’s rally in Israel and that makes a big difference to me. I like 2 parts of Cain’s 9-9-9 plan but have misgivings on the national sales tax. I think the fact that he has agreed to audit the Fed is a good sign. Hopefully Cain will listen to citizens concerns regarding the Fed and change his position on the Fed. With saying all that I will vote for whomever gets the GOP nomination. We need to get Obama out of office before he destroys America any further and while I am not a fan of either Romney, Huntsman, or Johnson I believe that any one of the candidates has the ability to de-transform our nation from Obama’s disastrous presidency.

    1. I agree with you, Teresa, that any of the candidates would be better than Obama. But here is what I’m trying to say. When Obama took office he told the Republicans the Hr Won. They, the Republicans, were welcome to come along for the ride but they would have to sit in the back of the bus and keep quiet. Obama is driving the bus as fast as it can go toward a cliff. My contention is that if we elect Romney, he will only slow the bus down. Going over the cliff slowly is not a solution. We need to elect someone who will turn the bus around.

      BTW, your concern about the Iran assassination plot may turn out to be spot-on. But all the information is not in yet. This may turn out to another DOJ contrivance like the Fast and Furious fiasco. I’m trying to keep an open mind for the time being.

  3. At this point call me undecided. I would like to hear more from Santorum and Gingrich. Octo Mom is out for me. I do not want to hear one more time about her 26 kids and her tax attorney bit. Cain thinks that Greenspan was a super guy, count me out on that one. Paul? I still have a problem, but I am working on it. Tomorrow night our Tea Party will be gathering for the debate. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

    1. I hear you, Bunker. A lot of conservatives are yet to settle on a candidate. I understand that. But, most us say we don’t want Romney and yet we are not, in my opinion, doing enough to stop his nomination. It worries me that some conservatives are buying the argument that Romney has the best shot at defeating Obama. I do not agree with that position at all. But, if Romney wins big in the early primaries, we will probably have to live with him as our candidate and that will be a shame.

  4. CoF,

    Great way to kick off this Monday morning.

    I support Cain over Paul, but I have questions about Cain as you have questions about Paul.

    However, we stand in agreement that the beltway GOP establishment’s already-anointed Champion named Mitt needs to be stopped.

    The quandary is: if indeed Romney gets the nod, how many of us will vote for him simply because he will be Obama’s competition, knowing we detest the man’s policies? Uh huh.

    1. Frankenstein,

      I’m not a Paul expert, but from what I can gather, he is an anti-interventionist, meaning he doesn’t want us to be the World’s Police. This is a good thought, and one I agree with. However, he also wants a nation like Iran to have the “right” to have nukes. On this, I can see his point, but I flinch over it.

      For myself, I agree 90% with Mr. Paul regarding foreign policy, but I cannot commit 100% to his ideals. Do I think if he became President that he would be ignorant to terrorist nations having nukes or war-mongering? No. But on paper he appears like he would.

      My 2 cents. Thanks for reading.

      1. Paul is never a mystery to me. When you read the Libertarian platform he adheres to it at nearly 100%. You cannot stop the world from getting nukes. They are gonna do it. I don’t think he facilitates that or makes it or wants it to happen…there is just no stopping it. The sad reality is that if you have a shitload of oil money you can buy just about anything you want from a bankrupt and desperate world.

  5. Great post. I would like to know more about Cain. I would prefer Paul and I have been mixed on his Foreign Policy, but we cannot afford the present nonsense and the military has become a welfare project of its own. In addition, our military is strong because our country is strong economically and historically strong morally. We are not strong because our military is strong.

    Please let me know more about Cain’s positions beyond the 999 tax plan

    1. Dale, thanks so much for visiting Conservatives on Fire. Your comments are always welcome here.
      I am not a libertarian, but I am supporting Ron Paul because I believe there is a high potential for an economic melt in the near future. If that threat comes, Ron Paul is by far the most qualified to lead us out of the crisis.
      In the coming weeks, I’m sure we are all going to be learning more about each candidates plan to turn our economy around.

  6. I can’t support Cain. He is not what his campaign makes him out to be. If he gets the nomination, I will do all I can to promote a third party candidate. When one truly understands what the Fed is, his association with them is as unacceptable as an association with Islamic terrorism.

    1. Cain’s history with the Fed and his comment on Greenspan are indeed very worrisome for me. I’m trying very hard to give Cain the benefit of the doubt. The Boards of the Federal Reserve Banks are, IMO, more show than anything else. In the 90’s, a lot of good people were taken in by Greenspan and in 2007 and 2008 a lot of very smart people were surprised by the housing bubble collapse and even though the Austrian School trained economist were not surprised, the circle of people who had ever heard of the Austrian School of economics was a fraction of what it is today and it is still a small circle. I can see that Cain, as a businessman, was solid on fiscal policy but it is not surprising that he was not up to speed on monetary policy. That’s going to have to change if he wants to President. At any rate, I will continue to support Ron Paul and if he doesn’t get the nomination, I, like most everyone else, will hope for the best.

  7. Paul’s winning me over but I’m not there yet……don’t think I will be, frankly.
    Cain’s interview didn’t bother me at all; at least he has the guts to say what he doesn’t know; Paul will have to get advisers in on the things he’s not an expert on, too. I was dismayed at the tone of Cain’s interview; the questions, from a total liberal, made me laugh out loud in his hypocrisy. What nerve.

  8. Romney is being pushed by the MSM because they feel he would be the least offensive candidate in the even that Barack Obama loses and that aloe whould be bothersome to Romney supporters. I agree that Romney must be stopped and I think that Cain’s popularity is at its highest level and will drop from here. I like Paul but I can’t support him because of his foreign policy so right now for me it is Rick Santorum.

  9. I see foreign policy is the #1 business of Presidency. I don’t want my President to intervene too much domestically, though, unfortunately, the next President will a great deal of dismantling to do…
    I’m not happy with the field, and, annoyingly, the next time around Ryan and Rubio will be running, and I like them much more than this election’s candidates. Oh well. I have a feeling it’s going to be Romney.

  10. None of the candidates except Ron Paul represent FUNDAMENTAL change for America back to it’s constitutional roots. The rest all believe that government is the answer. Paul gives us a chance to save the country, and I think this may very well be our last chance.

    The rest are just a slower train to “nowheresville.” Romney or Perry are big government disasters, and Cain is in over his depth as will become apparent IMO very soon. I also believe he would be manipulated far too easily.

    Paul is like the rest in one way, he is not perfect. But as has been said, “let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the very good.”

    I’m sorry to exclude Gary Johnson from the mix, but the media has unfortunately been successful in torpedoing his chances.

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